What drives your healthcare customer decision makers, drives your bottom line
One decision can block account penetration or service area market share for a decade. And customers’ deepest decision drivers are too many times unseen.

We deliver the genuine customer insights that help you better understand how these customers think. And knowing why they think that way makes the measurable difference for your bottom line.

Beyond traditional market research: Customer insight experts

We help healthcare marketers uncover the unseen from the healthcare customer decision maker. With our proprietary forensic interviewing, we dig deeper to deliver the true customer decision drivers that traditional market research too often misses.

Global Reach

Omansky Group offices in the USA and Germany, along with multi-lingual associates, help USA and EU-based medical and healthcare marketers achieve international sales and marketing objectives. We offer long-established expertise to marketers in healthcare services, life sciences, medical instrumentation, and medical information systems.

If customers only used data and logic and objectivity to decide, customers would only make rational decisions
They don't always…

Because you know that customers don’t always make rational decisions, you simply don’t approach every healthcare customer decision maker the same way, every time.

As a healthcare marketer and provider, you continually need to uncover the unseen from your customers to close more business. It’s essential to your bottom line to know what lies beneath those customer’s decision drivers.

Our clients ask:

“We’re losing imaging modality deals with the larger IDNs – do we genuinely know why?”

“Our hospital’s Cardiology Service Line market share is decreasing – do we
genuinely know why?”

“We’re beginning to win more large specialty practice EHR deals even though we’re always more expensive – do we
genuinely know why?”

Customer decision makers answer these questions candidly for us.
Our success derives from the atmosphere of trust and discretion we establish with our uniquely proprietary interviewing skills. Your benefit is the competitive customer insight advantage delivered to your bottom line.
A genuine Customer Insight has a genuine ROI: Winning more customer decisions

Our healthcare clients close more business, with the genuine insights OGLLc delivers.

To deliver these insights comes from understanding the unseen how, what, and why. Our proprietary Deep Forensic Interviewing technique, developed and refined over many years, is how we make that delivery happen.
In our customers’ own words

Our healthcare clients directly benefit from an informed competitive advantage when we discover and go directly to their healthcare customers’ deep-seated, emotional wants. These drivers impact how and why they’re motivated to do business with our clients:

“Omansky Group is an important partner in our strategic marketing efforts to help us understand the true motives for customer and prospect decisions.“

“The Omansky Group Win/Loss Interviews are always the cornerstone of our Planning Process, for Sales and Product improvements.“

“Omansky´s insights connect the customer´s internal decision process to our own approach and validates how well we´re listening to potential customer decision makers.“

(OGLLc recognizes and respects our clients’ requirements for sensitivity, discretion, and confidentiality: References and data on file, available on request.)