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Digging Deeper into Your Customer’s Intuition

Customer Insight Specialists to close more new business


To close more new business health care organizations need to better understand – and act on – those deep-seated, elusive motivations and perceptions that are many times the real motivations and drivers behind customer buying decisions.


The question of why customers such as hospitals, physicians, and patients are motivated to do or not do business with our clients requires us to deliver actionable answers. We do that decidedly well, and we have earned the long-lasting confidence and trust of many clients.


Clients whose bottom line we've impacted inlcude leading multi-nationals in high-end medical instrumentation, life-sciences firms, regional healthcare systems, as well as advertising agencies and investment services companies working in the healthcare field.

Our Process

We further developed and refined a process to elicit the direct articulation of personal feelings from respondents. Our clients recognize how often and how powerfully these emotional drivers and perceptions impact healthcare buying decisions.

The Value

This is a significant portion of the value we deliver for our clients because it gets to the respondent’s core mindset that drives customer behavior toward or away from, a company.

Our Success

Success comes from recognizing that developing deep customer insights is not a science, but an art. We’ve learned how to ask the right questions, from doing thousands of deep-qualitative interviews with our clients’ customers.

The Motivation

We’ve also learned that our client’s success directly correlates to our relentless curiosity about what motivates their customers. This means being passionate about digging deeper than traditional research, for answers less obvious to everyone, especially to our clients’ competitors.

Every Story is Different

Every OGLLc report, especially Win/Loss Analyses, are specifically developed to tell a story.

And whenever appropriate, that story develops around a timeline of events as they unfolded. This allows us to build a temporal sequence of key events. And the dynamics behind these key events allow us to match our forensic interviewing with a forensic approach to analyzing these events behind the outcome for our client.

In the end, we’ve learned that delivering the greatest value to our clients is answering WHY? Uncovering the unseen from inside the customer’s mind, means better strategies and tactics to convert customer wants into customer wins for our clients.

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